Abbey Sacks Is Photographing The Queer, Trans, And Non-Binary Youth In LA



As we close out Pride Month this week, it seemed only fitting to showcase the work of emerging photographer and videographer, Abbey Sacks. Her latest work is a portrait series recognizing the queer, trans, and non-binary youth in Los Angeles. This ongoing project has been recently featured on Girlgaze, Austere, Accidental Discharge, and The Ladies Network, ultimately sharing the perspectives and experiences of these people with an ever-growing audience. The queer gaze is the new frontier in photography, and Abbey Sacks is leading the way by putting LBGTQ+ youth front and center. 


"I'm currently working on a photo and video series featuring queer/trans/nonbinary individuals and couples. I've done four shoots so far and I hope to continue capturing more and more people. I want to capture my subjects in ways that feel authentic and true to them. Not only is the project creating spaces for queer voices to be heard, but it's been a really meaningful experience for me personally. It's allowing me to really connect to all of the different stories. It's allowing me to surround myself with queer people and learn more about the queer community. It's allowing me to learn more about myself and become more comfortable with my own identity. I'm grateful for all of the people I've met and excited to shoot as many different people as I can."




Abbey's Queer/Trans/Non-Binary project is ongoing! So to stay up to date or get in contact with Abbey, use the links below. 

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All photographs provided by Abbey Sacks.