Sara-Danielle on Finding Strength in Softness, For Her New Album 'Healing'

Sara-Danielle by Malaika Astorga

Sara-Danielle by Malaika Astorga

As we gear up for Fall festival season here in Montreal, our fav Hot Tramp is at it again. This time, Sarah (A.K.A. Hot Tramp Management) has curated a killer POP Montreal showcase, featuring the lovely Sara-Danielle. Our Creative Director Malaika Astorga was able to spend an afternoon with Sara-Danielle taking photos, and talking about her new album Healing.

Malaika Astorga for Pink Things: Hi Sara, congratulations on your new album! Can you tell us a bit about your new album and what pink means to you in relation to it?

Sara-Danielle: Healing is a reflection on these past two years. I've been having rough times and trying to heal, to get better. It's about finding light in the darkness and trying to stay with it. It's about learning to be gentle with yourself. Pink makes me think of flowers and softness, but it can also be bold and stand out in the middle of a crowd. It depends on the shade of pink. I want my music to be soft, soothing, and bold at the same time. Music that will stand out in the middle of the musical sea. Also I looooove to wear pink!

Pink Things: We love Hot Tramp, what have you two been planning together?

Sara-Danielle: I've been working with Hot Tramp all year and I've been loving it!! Sarah invited me for a showcase, and it came at the perfect time as I'll be launching my EP with this show. I've taken a new direction musically since my last album, and I'm very excited for the world to see it. I've been having so much fun preparing for it, with my musicians and the new songs; I look forward to be back on stage after a hiatus!

You can see Sara-Danielle play Healing on September 26th at the Hot Tramp POP Montreal showcase. Buy tickets here.


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Malaika Astorga is our Creative Director, and currently based in Montreal. She is an illustrator, photographer, designer, and writer.

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