Interview with Goldilox, your next BFF

Illustration by  Malaika Astorga

Illustration by Malaika Astorga

Goldilox is the person you would find in the smoking area surrounded by people. She is fun, stylish, and your next bff. Do you remember the way Serena Van Der Woodsen behaved before running away from the Manhattan elite and coming back as the most boring person we would ever meet in our lives? That’s what I see when I think about Goldi ⁠⁠— a super fun, mysterious artist.

In this interview we talked about her initial career, how she got the guts to break her contract with one of the largest record companies and become her own hero in Paris. Aside from that, I wanted to know about what inspires her and her future goals.

João Rodolfo for Pink Things: It’s been a while since you started your journey in the music industry. Tell us more about your career, and where you are right now?

Goldilox: I always wanted to be an entertainer. I did my first show when I was five years old, but I was always performing to anyone who would pay me any attention. Right now I am in LA working on my next album as well as a few other projects in fashion. I can’t wait to release my next chapter of music and visuals.

PT: You left your city in Canada and moved to L.A. where you got signed to a major record label ⁠⁠— then you asked them to drop you so you could be on your own in Paris. Where did that security and strength come from?

Goldilox: Yes, I asked to be dropped from all my contracts a couple years ago. I basically had to become a law student. Every entertainment lawyer I spoke to said I signed bad deals and I wouldn’t be able to be independent. I got out of all my deals on my own. I have released more music in the past two years than the six years prior.

PT: What has changed in your life since becoming an independent artist?

Goldilox: Sharing my art and connecting with others is my purpose. It’s nice to be in control of my own releases. Also when things don’t work out I can reflect and learn. Knowledge gives me confidence. It’s not easy but it’s easier than being shelved by a group of old men don’t understand your vision.

PT: Your first album is so fire to listen to. I love the concept with the narratives and dialogues that go with it. In your lyrics you seem to be into themes of revenge, you show yourself as being very wild. Tell us more about that.

Goldilox: Very Best was a breeze to create. I love disco and studio 54. There’s endless inspiration. I wrote the album with my producer G in a few weeks. I grew up in a tumultuous household and I’ve always been very passionate. This has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years. I thought it was normal to scream and throw things. I try to put my bad behavior into my music and not my real life anymore.

PT: Your music is so glam; the disco era with Kylie Minogue-esque vibes is so fun to dance to. At the same time I couldn’t help but wonder (Hello, Carrie Bradshaw) who influences you and how can we see them in your work?

Goldilox: It’s strange, I just realized that the people and characters that have inspired and influenced me are people I see myself in. When I saw Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct all of a sudden I saw a beauty in all of my craziness. When I saw Elveria in Scarface it glamorized drugs and luxury. I love Grace Jones and Elton John. Strong individuals that push their uniqueness to the max.

PT: What is your favorite song of your album and why?

Goldilox: Sex Paranoia. It’s my 2018 version of my other song Touch You Where It Hurts but I can dance to it. This song was so much fun to write and performing the sex sounds is fun because it makes people uncomfortable.

PT: You seems like a very exciting friend to have, who is constantly looking for new things to be inspired about. How would you describe your creativity?

Goldilox: I look for inspiration in everything. Where I live and the people I surround myself with is part of that. If you’re in my life it’s because you inspire me. Even people I’ve met on Instagram. It’s so cool. I love your page and your aesthetic. It’s very inspiring. I have met so many cool people that I now work with on my projects over DMs. Some people get dick pics, I get rad creatives that want to collaborate.

“Be true to yourself, follow your dreams, be open to new opportunities and new wigs.”


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João Rodolfo is 24-year-old writer, marketing student, and the Community Manager of Transa Inc.