Art Bae by Matthew Scott Gualco


Matthew Scott Gualco is an artist located in Brooklyn with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He works with new medias, creating conceptual design work like zines and posters out of things like laser-cut aluminum about relevant topics in pop culture. In this submitted work, Gaulco touches on the nostalgia of young artists using new vocabulary - bae - in the fem Barbie logo's font. This fun, glittery, screen printed piece is for sale as a poster here. To check out the rest of his work, click here

Matthew Scott Gualco Artist Statement: 

My work forms an allusive hybrid between drawing and writing by interjecting the subject matter with literature and symbols. My work is raw in the manner that it is left to the understanding of the viewer. Based on my experiences and everyday life, I portray society with all of its imperfections that we all enjoy. Through my work, I approach social commentary on popular culture and the highbrow art world. I attempt to give new context to popular preconceived perceptions of how art and writing can be manipulated into new forms.

I portray my art through printmaking and bookmaking – posters and the reinterpretation of well known written works and lyrics. In transposing popular words and lyrics, I want to create a new dialogue about what is culturally popular or sacred.