Ways World


My most recent series of work is a collection of digital illustrations called Ways World. Ways World is a body of work that reflects me, my thoughts, observations from different places, and experiences of the world through my lenses, from memories to now. Each of these illustrations act as a time stamp to a place, thought, or a dream scape that was once familiar to me. These illustrations were hand drawn first then digitally recreated on Illustrator. The composition of these illustrations is purposely random, and what I call unconscious — exactly how a memory or thought is. I use Bright colors, patterns, 90's aesthetics I like to create a 'vibe' and different feeling around the central idea/theme of each drawing. They each have their own story, their own individual aesthetic that's unique to that observation or experience. This is my story through my eyes. Welcome to my world.

Rhaiah Spooner-Knight. is a 24-year-old visual artist originally from New Zealand who now lives in California.
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