Caitlin Shearer's Love Songs


Caitlin Shearer is back! We interviewed her in November for the Think Pink show that she co-curated as one half of Dearest Projects. But she's an artist and designer in her own right. I asked her to submit some of her recent work since its theme is directly related to the color pink. In this batch of images, we see work from her new series about kisses, as well as some nude portraits. 

Caitlin Shearer is a designer and artist living in Australia. With a background in illustration, Caitlin has created her own clothing line, Caitlin She. Taking inspiration from the feminine and looking intrinsically, Caitlin's creations are a beautiful tribute to her womanhood experiences and romance. She has a new collection coming out soon and some exciting collaborations! She's even started a podcast


For more from Caitlin Shearer, follow her on Instagram, @caitlin_she,  and check out the Caitlin She website <3