Prints by Anika Kowalik


I question how a microbiological world functions within a living system. Through this, a creation of entities in relation to this internal world have emerged. I think of it as an intimate setting where cells, pathogens and viruses interact with the bio­anatomical environment. Springing off from my knowledge of the internal human body, it is a necessary to express the constant tension occurring in our bodies in order to maintain equilibrium. I utilize the body as a means of expressing the psychological battles that humans encounter. 

Untitled, stone lithograph, novaplex, floor wax, rosin powder, 

Untitled (Separation Poem), screen print, rosin powder, floor wax, 

Descendant of the Stomach, stone lithograph, pastel chalk, acrylic paint

Untitled, screenprint, lithograph, collagraph prints, novaplex, rosin powder, floor wax, mylar


Anika Kowalik is currently studying printmaking at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She recalls a memory in grade school reading Mosby’s Medical Dictionary and becoming fascinated with human physical decay. This recollection was the precursor to Kowalik’s most recent work. Through self directed research of the bio­anatomical nature of the human body, Kowalik uses her knowledge of these relationships within the body to represent the physiological nature of our minds.