Who to Follow Vol. VI
Illustration by  Malaika Astorga

Illustration by Malaika Astorga

Happy September !!! It’s Virgo season !!! I myself am born in September, and it’s a month that is dear to my heart - not only because of my day of birth, but also because of the transitional weather, the overall feeling of getting back into the grind after summer, and also all the other lovely humans born in this month. So I thought that this month’s Who To Follow should be a celebration of all the lovely Virgos I follow on instagram, and think you should follow too! 


Orion Carloto (@orionvanessa) 

You probably already know Orion if you frequented Tumblr back in the day (guilty). A poet, writer, social media influencer, and an overall beautiful human being inside and out, Orion’s instagram is a curated palette of Virgo goodness. She shares videos of her two cats, writes about her writing process, photographs her everyday life, and never fails to share her thoughts on life through her wonderful (virgo) humor.


Allison Barr (@alliisonder) 

I met Allison this summer after we both found ourselves new to the NYC lifestyle. Originally based in Portland, OR, Alli is a photographer, specializing in portraiture and music (and as a side note, a really lovely human). She’s photographed bands in and out of venues, done portraits of influencers and all her friends, and shares her days through the lens of her point-and-shoot. Her portfolio is a beautiful collection of faces and venues in pink, orange, and red hues. Keep your eye out, because this gal is going to be taking NYC by storm in a year when she moves back. 


Noorann Matties (@noorannmatties)

I’ve been following Noorann for years, and it’s been wonderful to be present for all her growth. A film photographer, Noorann documents her life through small scenes that would otherwise seem mundane, but are curated into a beautiful collection of moments. Also, publicly going through recovery for an eating disorder, Noorann shares her story and her everyday struggles in a way that is honest, refreshing, and makes some of us feel less alone in the journey. If you follow her, you’ll also get the occasional graphic novel recommendation, the update on her roller-skating lifestyle, and always, always, good music. 


Zendaya (@zendaya) 

What is there to say about Zendaya? If you didn’t know of her before (???) but now are aware of her brilliant existence on this earth after watching Euphoria, follow her on instagram !!!! She’s a model, an actress, an activist, and a virgo (whooo!). Extremely funny, genuine, and aware, Zendaya is the celebrity you want to follow for a breath of fresh air. 


Kaiden Diaz (@hii.kiki) 

Kaiden is a Montreal-based bodyworker, focused on the metaphysical and spiritual awareness of the body. If you are in Montreal, I can’t reccomend them enough for a reiki massage or cupping session (I’ve done both, and my body thanked me). Kaiden’s account is sex-positive, body-positive, and a documentation of a wonderful human going through life.


Sarah Sickles (@lolaphalangee) 

Sarah is the reason Pink Things exists !!!! The founder of this wonderful platform, Sarah is also a writer, editor, and lover of all things pink and black. Based in Brooklyn, Sarah’s instagram documents her life in the big city, art events, Pink Things updates, the books she’s been reading, and all the other virgo things you didn’t know you needed (on your feed). Follow her, support small businesses, support working women, support Pink Things !!!


Carla Gras (@cmcgras)

I guess I’m also a virgo that you should follow if you desire! I’m a creator, photographer, and writer based in NYC with roots in Montreal, QC, and Prague, CZ. I make art that explores concepts of trauma, mental health, sexuality, home, and identity, and document the little moments of my life through my film camera. 


Carla Gras is a writer, creator, and photographer with roots in NYC, MTL and PRG.


Carla Gras