Some Things To Consider

Hi Pink Things Readers! Happy Sunday. I just have a few thoughts running through my head about Pink Things – its shortcomings and successes and other things I can be doing to ensure inclusivity and the success of this platform. So I have a couple of things to ask of you, which I know isn’t fair, but I ultimately do this to engage and enlarge the conversations around pink, and everyone and anyone’s experiences with the color – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief systems.

The first thing I am going to ask of you is to do your research before submitting to Pink Things. I am a one person. Pink Things takes a lot of my effort and time and I love what I do but I don’t like to have those resources wasted. If you don’t research Pink Things before submitting your work, it wastes my and your time. If you don’t think your work will fit in with the mission of Pink Things, then don’t bother submitting. Also, please be sure of your submission, and if it is accepted, don’t back out at the last minute after having used my time and energy. Pink Things is a platform for everyone’s opinions of Pink. Don’t pull out because you “think we have different beliefs.” That’s a cop out. Pink Things is about YOUR opinions and experiences.

Speaking of everyone’s experiences. The majority of the submissions Pink Things receives are from straight cis White women. But that’s only one experience or viewpoint. It was slammed upon me by a friend that there are not enough non-binary, and LBGTQ+ submissions, and the same for people of Color, and I agree that there needs to be more. But because Pink Things is submission based, I publish what is submitted. So help Pink Things out! This is a collaboration! If you know of a great person or artist or writer who has an opinion on or experience with anything related to Pink, I hope you’ll shoot me an email. I’m working on making Pink Things as inclusive and diverse as possible, but I am only one person, and you all have a voice too.

The second thing I am going to ask of you is for your feedback. I feel like Pink Things is in a sort of crossroads. The website needs updating to better fit the new content Pink Things is producing and it’s in the works. But I have also become unsatisfied with just publishing artwork. I want to know MORE. I want to hear about your experiences. I want this to be a forum for discussion. But in order for this to become a reality, I need you to participate! I can’t do it all myself and my opinion hardly matters. It’s about you.

So I am encouraging you to tell me what you want out of Pink Things! Do you want three, instead of two, new articles a week? Tell me about your first time realizing your opinion on the color. Tell me about the time when you first took notice of Pink. Tell me about your personal history and your thoughts on the long history of Pink. Talk about why your artwork helps others relate to your own experiences with Pink. Please help me grow Pink Things into the collaborative space it can be.

The last thing I am going to ask of you is your continued support. Your support means the world, and it’s why I do what I do. That, and it usually brings me enormous pleasure and happiness.

So I’m calling on you to help Pink Things evolve. Consider the amount of work it takes for any independent publication to run. It’s an enormous amount, but it’s worth it. So please submit your thoughts, experiences, people who you would like to know more about, artwork, fashion design, sex tips, personal essays, photo projects, ANYTHING. There’s literally no limit. I just want to create a diverse and inclusive platform for discussion, but my voice isn’t the one that matters. So let me hear yours.


Xoxo Sarah

Sarah Sickles