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"Why Can't Women be Inspirational and Naked?" by Emma Hope Allwood for Dazed - You know, this is a question that I ask myself all the time. Seriously. Because women are sexual, but that doesn't detract from any of their other accomplishments, you know? But it seems that sexuality is still frowned upon or makes you seem unprofessional or unsuccessful, even in one of the most popular calendar unveilings in the world. (This piece is from two years ago, but it scrolled up in my feed and I just had to give it a reread.) 


"Weinstein’s Complicity Machine" by Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor, and Susan Dominus for The New York Times - Trigger warning! This piece is the latest in the uncovering of Harvey Weinstein's deep and fucked up trail of women he's left sexually abused and harassed. Here, those who helped him get away with it are investigated and brought to light. They are accomplices to this societal virus. It's a great piece, and I recommend everyone read it and think about how they may or may not be covering for a sexual abuser, and what they might or might not do about it now and in the future.


"Modest Dressing, as a Virtue" by Naomi Fry for The New York Times - This piece is a running commentary on the trend of modest dressing as it relates to sexual harassment today. There's a direct correlation between the people that designers create baggy clothes for and those that can wear baggy clothes without looking like a potato. This piece investigates why that is and conflicting thoughts on how we dress (but it never tells you how to, or if what you're wearing is dumb, so that's good). 


"Not Your Auntie" by Stacie Evans for The Rumpus - This is a great essay on why white women shouldn't call Maxine Waters their "Auntie". It has to do with the history of the word in a black context. Outlining how "Auntie" was never really a compliment or title throughout black history, the use of the word coming out of a white woman's mouth, no matter how well intentioned, has a bitter sting when used in reference to Maxine Waters. Black people are reclaiming the word, but that doesn't mean that you get to use it too.


"Is Self-Care Becoming Too Selfish?" By Emily Laurence for Well and Good - I read this article in the bathtub while taking a Lush bubble bath in the name of self-care. It had been a rough week and I just really needed to sit in some bubbles and read about whatever the fuck I wanted to read about. When I peeped this piece — which is really good by the way, well written and everything — I totally understood what they were talking about — using self-care as a weapon to make other's feel bad. Read it and weep my friends. 


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