We are so excited to announce that Pink Things Vol. IV is available for preorder!

The newest print edition of Pink Things exclusively features the work of creatives from the global LGBTQIA+ community. The queer-femme team behind Pink Things — Sarah Sickles, Founder and Editor, and Malaika Astorga, Creative Director — created this issue to encourage the participation of their LGBTQIA+ peers in the Pink Things community. Inspired by Pink Things Vol. III, an issue featuring the work of and curated by creatives of color, Pink Things has provided a safe published space that doesn't tokenize or censor queer creativity.

Pink Things Vol. IV features an editor's letter that serves as Sarah's official "coming out" in addition to work and words by Audio Hekluik, Betsy Stout, Bryant Small, Cole Craib, David Rodriguez, Emily Lacey-Freeman, Emma Vogt, Harmony Morgan, JD Raenbeau, Kévin Bideaux, Lauren MacDonald, Malaika Astorga, Molly Falk Steinmetz, Sonia Arcangelo, Willow Cioppa, and YETI. The cover by Malaika Astorga features Willow Cioppa photographed by Cole Craib.

Pink Things Vol. IV is available now for preorder, in print and digital at

Pink Things