Learning To Love Pink Through Drawing

When I was younger, like a lot of girls, I loved pink. It was my all time favourite colour, and the defining characteristic of everything I owned. I loved the femininity of it. When I reached the age of around 11 though, I decided that pink was too girly, and began to avoid it. My relationship with pink had been severed entirely until a few months ago, when I fell into a style crisis with my illustrations. Nothing I made felt like it related to anything else I'd made. I worried that I had no unique visual style of my own. Pink helped me fix that. I began using pink in almost every drawing, like it was an instinct to return to something so deeply ingrained in my consciousness. Just like when I was a child, pink was finding it's way into everything I made. And it worked! Limiting my colour palette like this not only allowed me to strengthen my visual voice by learning what shapes I liked to draw best, but it reintroduced me to a part of myself that I'd lost growing up. These days I'm using more colours again, but I'm happy to announce that I love pink, and by extension, the more feminine parts of myself.

I'm pursuing a career as a Visual Development Artist for animated films, so a lot of my drawings are used to help me practice the skills needed for this career. These works include character studies of people and puppies I've seen on the street, life drawing models, and friends. They're a mixture of digital illustration, ballpoint pen, and pencil, and were all made between January 2016, and February 2017. 

Deanna Hewitt