Every Girl Sparkles

Every Girl Sparkles is a collaborative editorial project by Photographer, Maria Clara Macri, Stylist Mirta Robiony, Makeup Artist Laura Portomeo, and Model Martina Ercole. Sharing ideals about about beauty, feminism, and the female gaze, this team created Every Girl Sparkles and landed Martina a modeling gig at Marie Claire Italy. 

The title of our work is ‘Every Girl Sparkles’  because our message is that if you’re dressed or undressed, if you’re bored as hell or you want to have fun, if you feel sexy or ladylike, no matter what, you will ALWAYS sparkle because you’re a girl and there’s beauty in every side of you.
— Mirta Robiony

You can view more images from the shoot below. 

Mirta Robiony is a stylist located in Italy.

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Maria Clara Macri is a genderless artist based in Italy. 

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Laura Portomeo is a MUA on Italy. 

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Martina Ercole is a model in Italy.

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