Ephemeral Bodies

Ephemeral Bodies is a project inspired by the censorship applied to photographs published on social networks on the grounds of ethical correctness - moral, religious and political. These acts of censorship are damaging to both authors, who see their creations disappear or have to accept various mutilations little creative and adapt to regulations, as well as the public affected by not receiving content with artistic integrity.

The female figure is still the most affected. There have recently been protest movements to a social network's censorship using the hashtag #Freethenipple, claiming the right of women to show their body freely without being criminalized. Even I have had the experience of temporarily having my personal Instagram account suspended by posting some photos not accepted by the rules of the social network.

The pictures of my project show naked bodies, using natural elements as a form of artistic self-censorship on me. This allows me to manipulate images and decide how to achieve acceptable, entirely unethical, criteria by which to apply censorship.


My name is Judith Juárez. I’m a future freelance photographer, born in Cadaqués, a small town on the Costa Brava, Catalunya. I graduated in Arts Applied to the Wall and Finished Photography. As a child, I had a fixation on everything artistic, starting painting classes at age 4, and improving and familiarizing myself with techniques during the following years. I am a person with a lot of imagination and I try to capture it in my photographs. I am fascinated by the female body. 

Find Judith on Instagram: @bohobonk

Judith Juárez