Digital Intimacy: Photos by Lisa Broms

Lisa Broms explores how a young adult body in the digital age impacts intimacy through a series of neon lighted and pink photographs. Color plays the important role of mood in addition to aesthetics, as does the light source in each image. Coming from digital sources like a phone or computer in the privacy of a bedroom or bathroom, the harsh light becomes intrusive. The bodies represented explore a specific experience: that of the objectified young White woman. Running a commentary about objectification and digital intangibility, Lisa Broms smashes through the ideas of women as objects through the internet in a meta way as we view these photographs online. 


"I often use the color pink in my photos. It's a color that's associated with typical "girly" things -- being timid, pleasing, cute etc. I want to take back the color, make it powerful -- twist what's considered feminine."

- Lisa Broms

Lisa Broms is a 20-year-old art school student in Stockholm.



Photos by Lisa Broms

Sarah Sickles