Cocktail Hour: Inkbox x Pink Things


This summer, Malaika from Pink Thingstook a field trip to the Inkbox office in Toronto for a shoot with Sarah Nicole Harvey.


Inkbox is the "temporary bad decision" company changing the semi-permanent tattoo game, with their beautifully designed pieces and free-hand ink sets. Sarah is the Creative Curator at Inkbox, as well as a photographer, model, and stylist.


Together we created a photo shoot and promotional video. The shoot combines Pink Things' aesthetic with Inkbox's expert graphic design, to create a cocktail hour dreamworld of pink hues and well-considered accessories. 


Check out the promotional video here.



"I've always been so inspired by everything that Pink Things puts out. Their values lineup so well with the company I've recently started working with, and it really felt like the perfect fit. I wanted an opportunity to showcase these tattoos as statement accessories, because semi-permanent tattoos aren't just for kids. Inkbox empowers us to find confidence through creativity and self-expression, as our identities are constantly in flux, never static. Our styles, tastes, and opinions change, so why not a tattoo that could change with us."

- Sarah Nicole Harvey


Photographer + Creative Director - Sarah Nicole Harvey

Assistant Art Director - Mikie Jae

Model - Malaika Astorga

Tattoos - Inkbox


Pink Things