As a child I created a planet in which I would create from; I would sketch the inhabitants of this planet, design their wardrobes, their homes… as I got older I lost touch with the planet. In a recent dream it called out to me and I couldn’t resist the strong urge to revisit this planet, planet Bubblestrubble.


In this series I revive Bubblestrubble by taking objects from the planet and placing them in highly traveled human paths here on Earth.  I invite viewers to explore, ponder the what-ifs and push the limits of their imagination by indulging in a bit of unexpected surrealism.  


Charli Renee is interested in bringing the surreal into the everyday. Working with primarily discarded and found objects she strives to push the limits of the imagination of the viewer in hopes of expanding their perceptions of reality and the perimeters of the expected. Among her best-known pieces are those from her “Expire” series, in which she transforms discarded banana peels into sculptures through painting and resin coating. Renee has a degree in Fine Art and a minor in Art History from Columbia College Chicago; she lives and works in Chicago, IL. 

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Charli Renee