Laurent Henrion's Monolithe

Photo by Laurent Henrion

Photo by Laurent Henrion

Laurent Henrion is a young Belgian photographer, working out of Liège. He graduated from IATA and École Saint-Luc in Belgium. He is the winner of the 19th edition of the Picto Prize for Young Fashion Photography in 2016.

His work is inspired by classical and abstract painting, sculpture, Japanese prints, and fashion photography. The relationship between Eros and Thanatos is the self-proclaimed overarching theme in Henrion’s work. 


"Monolith" is a series in progress and revolves around the notion of desire in the broad sense of the term. I apprehend this series as an exploration of my relationship to this feeling.

"Impulses overwhelm me. Fertile land, my doubts go up the trunk, I pray not to consume myself. The wound still gaping, I'm dragging myself in the shade. This fight is obsessing me. I do not know exactly what I'm fighting for. I am afraid of exile and turns into ecstasy at his touch. dream of forgetting I return to the path, a martyr of my own desire."

Makeup & Photography by Laurent Henrion

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Modelled by Jérôme Fafchamps, Charlie Derèse & Chloé Thimister