Dreamy Works of Frances Sousa

Frances Sousa is a Toronto based photographer and fine artist creating works of whimsy and dreamy quality through material and process. Though Frances does not intend to create work about any particular subject, instead focusing on the relationship between materials, we see a great deal of subject matter in her work worth noting. You see, there is something magical about Sousa's photographs, bringing in nuances of fairy tales and tumblr aesthetics, an ultrafeminine mystique. The color palette that Souza uses includes bright and cheerful colors, pink among them the most frequently. Florals, lace, and women, feminine symbols of sorts, are also featured often in her work. So, for us at Pink Things, this work by Frances Sousa is about much more than the materials used to make the artwork. It's about creation of pieces that visualize the mystery and fun of the feminine. 

To see more of Frances Sousa's work, visit her website and follow her on instagram

Pink Things