Needle Works - Felted Wool


Weijue Wang is an artist of Asian descent based in San Francisco working with many mediums and materials to address changing social norms when it comes to appearance across Asia. In this series, Needle Works - Felted Wool, a line of jewelry appears, as well as a collection of objects or two. You can see the fruits of the rest of her dynamic practice at on her website. View the work below and read on for her artist statement. 

Although women in the modern world have more freedom and chance to do whatever they want to with their free minds, some of their desires like cosmetic surgery is actually threatens their self-esteem. These women are using their freedom to objectify themselves subjectively in order to fit into the sexualized societal beauty norm. I want to imply the violence through the peaceful and beautiful presentation. In this needle felted wool piece, domesticity and the consumption culture of female bodies is implied.

Colors like pink always gives people a feminine feeling, and needle works like wool felting always represents women and domesticity. These socially constructed stereotypes re-enhance the binary gender differences that have already existed in our society. 

Weijue Wang