Stereotypes of a Muslim Misunderstood


Mila Hakim is a young emerging artist creating work about herself and her experiences as a Muslim in America. She might be considered radical, only in the sense that she is unashamed of her culture and beliefs and throws them in our faces in order to get a point across. It's amazing. Muslim beauty is overlooked almost entirely by the beauty and fashion industries, so Mila inserts herself by using the color pink and taking and creating self portraits, which can be seen on her instagram. She also sells these pieces in an online shop, creating a norm around muslim beauty. Because why shouldn't it be equally represented? It should be, and Mila has taken the matter into her own hands. She submitted this work to Pink Things shortly after the election, and I feel it's overly appropriate to share her work this week in the lead up to the inauguration of a man who has openly spoken negatively about women and Muslims. Keep killin' it Mila! 

As a young emerging artist, I am constantly attempting to get my work noticed. As I create designs, I feel several heavy influences that constrict my ability to be creative. My cultural and religious background are both strong aspects of my life, as I sit down to create art, it feels like a duty to create something that speaks out against negative perceptions that are constantly placed on my religion, and culture. 

When I see the color pink, I view it as the freest color of all. It can be emotional, playful, sad, happy. This is why I choose the color pink, it's my color filter for all my current pieces. (Mostly reflected on my Instagram) It allows me to immediately change something that appears heavy, emotional, or political, and instead create something fun and creative. It also allows me to be proud of who I am, and reflect that pride in something bright and colorful. 

For more by Mila Hakim, visit her website and follow her on instagram <3