Bring Something Pink: A Review


Bring Something Pink was an art exhibition that took place in Paris in November of last year. Regular contributor, Kirkis Rrose, wrote an analysis of the show and contributed these images below!


After her B & W Project, which had highlightened black and white in a series of exhibitions accompanied by a catalog, Yifat Gat, artist and curator, was interested in a color that was radically opposed to this black cherished by Soulages, both aesthetically and symbolically. Exit the light and shade dyad, it now tackles the archetype of color, derived from red (a color par excellence in the first theories on colors) and considered artificial and deceitful, it is the tint that embodies the better philosophical debates on colors, radically opposing the black and sure line of the drawing.

By offering a first exhibition Bring something Pink entirely devoted to pink, Yifat Gat offers a Parisian setting to this color so little loved by Europeans. Presented at the Espace Despalles (16, rue Sainte Anastase) from October 20th to November 29th, 2016, this exhibition gathered no less than 37 artists, including Yifat Gat herself, offering massively pictorial works, partially or even entirely pink. Some sculptures and assemblages brought a little relief to the verticality of the paintings and drawings, a will of the curator a little tired of the overabundance of paintings in her previous project.

Covered in pink pastel tones, the small exhibition space presented an arrangement of many works, mostly non-figurative, immediately immersing the visitor in a warm atmosphere, a soothing effect in the line of the baker-miller pink from Alexander Schauss. More vivid touches of fuchsia or magenta punctuate the course, while some flesh tones discreetly sprinkle on the too rare figurative paintings.

We regret the absence of artists who actually conceptualized a plastic approach with pink. The treatment of the color seems sometimes anecdotal in many of the proposed works: it is pink as it could have been green, blue or red. However, it is clear that this initiative will appeal to others, building a real theoretical and plastic reflection around the symbolic ambiguity of this tint.


Participating artists : Aldo Del Bono, Allison Blumenthal, Bertrand Joseph Victor Derel, Brooke Nixon, Bogumila Strojna, Christian Burnoski, Claire Colin-Collin, Dimitri Arcanger, Gabriele Herzog, Georges Autard, Henry Samelson, Humberto Poblete-Bustamante, Jérémy Chabaud, Jeanne Heifetz, johannes Strogula, John Deneuve, Julie Dawid, Joris Brantuas, Julie Alexander, Laurent Galland, Lydia Rump, Marie-Claude Bugeaud, Miranda Ellison Boulton, Patrice Pantin, Peter Shear, Richard van der Aa, Rosaire Appel, Sarajo Frieden, Sabine Finkenauer, Schweizer Maya, Tilman, Valerie Brennan, Vardi Bobrow, Yifat Gat, Yoella Razili.

This article has been translated from French.