Resiliencia: Bordados and Vaginas


Pilar Fernandez is a Spanish speaking artist using the stereotypically feminine craft of embroidery and fibers to make a point about being a woman in the art world. There's nothing to be ashamed of. There's an identity to each woman. Women are not just muses, they are people, and they can be artists. Inspired by the feminist artists of the 70's like, Hannah Wilke, Judy Chicago, and Miriam Schapiro, Fernandez uses these works of art as a tribute to the work that they did to break the barrier into the art world for women. With the vagina as the common thread throughout the work, Fernandez uses varying materials to diversify each form, like yarn, faux fur, beads, and neoprene. Fernandez says, "With our hands, we defend the idea of a free woman, feisty, strong, and creative without needing a man." Check out more of her work on her instagram @larpi_art

Work by Pilar Fernandez

Words by Sarah Sickles

Pink Things