I Am Pink


Photo via Treatwell


My hair is pink. It's like a magnet for the eyes, a trap for my heart, and a light to a moth. I am pink. It's bold, it's a statement, it's more than a feeling or even an aesthetic. It's a way of living. Sitting in the middle of my cold bathroom floor, staring into the mirror and glopping the cherry scented dye on top of my faded head, just waiting for what seems like forever and ever to rinse it out and feel like my whole self again. This is my art, my expression, my lovely pink hair is my representation because I AM pink.     




My name is Christina Nelson-Keller and I’m from British Columbia, Canada, where I attend school. I've been interested in writing for a few years now, I think the thing that really sparked it was the riot grrrl movement and punk rock feminism. I've always had a deep connection for writing and art, but it has taken some time to bring out in me. 


You can follow Christina on Instagram @ugh.chriistina