Shannon Kissane, Founder of NYMPH NYC: Crystals, Healing, And The Power Of Sexuality

I've never been a hyper spiritual person, but lately I've been feeling drawn to the mythology and spirituality of the stars and crystals. My life has been so out of control, it's nice to look for guidance and accept that it's out of my hands. I came across NYMPH NYC after getting a follow notification on Instagram from their account. I was instantly mesmerized by the sensual feminine energy radiating from their profile and reached out to talk about it! NYMPH NYC is a new business selling crystal sex toys. Now before you roll your eyes, read the interview below. Shannon Kissane, the founder of NYMPH NYC, is so incredibly knowledgable and inspiring. She exudes the power of the feminine in her writing and beliefs. She grounds herself in the firm belief that sexual energy is powerful, especially for women, and encourages everyone to open up their minds and body to the healing power for crystals. Each crystal that NYMPH NYC sells serves a specific healing purpose. So read on for even more information from Shannon Kissane about inspiring women, owning your sexuality, and learning to heal. 

Sarah Sickles for Pink Things: So tell me about yourself! Who are you? What’s your background?

Shannon Kissane: Well to begin, I’m Shannon Kissane and I’m a 23-year-old major Aquarius. I was born in New York and I grew up right outside the city. For the past few years I’ve been living in North Carolina—I moved to Boone to be with the wild Appalachian Mountains. I wanted to live freely, to be surrounded by people in tune with nature and, in turn, with themselves. My knowledge of crystals and the magic of the world only expanded during my time spent in Boone.

My goal is to help as many people as I can realize what it means to be human—how valuable they are; how powerful they are.
— Shannon Kissane

PT: Why did you start Nymph NYC? What inspired it? What is it?

SK: NYMPH NYC is the entirety of a multitude of my passions in one single space. I’ve always been a writer first and foremost, and before NYMPH NYC I had a pretty successful blog going with a great group of writers. However, I began to stray away from my passionate writing, and started to focus only on mainstream topics. I wanted something MORE. Something raw and real and truly soul-transforming.

I took my love for crystals, for sexuality and all things feminine, and for the magic that surrounds all of us, and dove head first into creating a business— NYMPH NYC. My goal is to help as many people as I can realize what it means to be human—how valuable they are; how powerful they are. To realize that sex is completely human and natural, and how to treat sex as a very sacred practice. To inspire others to grow into the best versions of themselves possible, and to feel like they have a safe place to voice their feelings. It is a site with sacred crystal sex toys and a blog, and it is still growing and expanding daily.

PT: For someone who might not know (like me!), or is just getting into crystals and energy readings, can you tell me what these do? Do you consider them sex toys? How are they different from a “typical” sex toy? What makes them special? What are they?

SK: Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. It’s very interesting—the Ancient Egyptians used crystals for health and protection from evil spirits, Ancient Sumerians used crystals in their magic rituals, and Chinese emperors were buried with jade…the history goes on and on. Crystals contain a very balanced energy because of their perfect structures, and their energy can have a very positive effect on the human body. You can raise your own frequency by just holding a crystal. The human body has a natural flow of energy, with 7 main centers of energy throughout the body, known as chakras. It’s very common for a chakra to become blocked—and one way to heal and bring energy to a blocked chakra is by using a crystal. When using a NYMPH NYC crystal wand, you can heal so many wounds associated with your chakras. Putting an intention into your crystal wand and then using it will charge up your root chakra, and depending on the stone being used and your personal intention, it will free up blockages in other areas of your body. This is why people feel so refreshed and have a total sense of healing and release when using our crystal wands. NYMPH NYC’s products are much more than just sex toys; they are also healing tools. They’re completely gorgeous from a sex toy point of view, and are very heavy, giving the user a very “full” feeling.

PT: Why might someone choose this product? What benefits does it have? How do they use it?

SK: Crystal healing is very transformative and powerful. Depending on the stone you use, you can discover certain things about yourself and receive different benefits. For example, if you’re looking for love, compassion, to heal old wounds from heartbreak, and to increase self-love, our Blush (rose quartz) wand is ideal. To really dig out negative energy and past traumas, especially trauma associated with sex, using Moon (black obsidian) is fantastic. If you’re in need of good fortune, we absolutely suggest (and adore) our Purity (white jade) wand. Each crystal differs, but all of them will send your body nourishing, balanced energy. You can use them for massage to really connect with them, and of course in any way that turns you on and feels good. It’s up to the owner how they wish to use their wand.

PT: Can you talk to me about the relationship between the crystal’s energy and sexuality?

SK: Crystals have a very high energy, and so does sex. Each time you use your crystal wand, you are charging your sexual energy with the crystal’s energy, and replacing any negative, unbalanced energy within with very healthy and positive energy. This totally enhances a sexual experience—it takes it to a whole different level.

PT: What is your personal relationship with spirituality/crystals like? Do the crystals have anything to do with spirituality?

SK: I’ve had a very deep relationship with the spiritual side and with crystals for the majority of my life. Actually, the house I grew up in had a few metal trash bins in the garage with giant, gorgeous, hand-picked crystals that the people who moved out before us just left. I had access to these crystals at a very young age, but I didn’t relate them to spirituality until I was older, around 15. I got very much into health and healing the body through a raw vegan diet, which led me to spirituality, which led me to crystals. Since the goal of spiritual practice is to raise our consciousness to be closer to our higher power, crystals can allow us to get there faster due to their high energy and ancient intelligence.

PT: Is there something specifically special about each kind that you offer? What about the shape?

SK: Oh, definitely. Depending on the crystal used, you will receive different forms of healing. Also, each wand is so unique. They’re so special. Each one is hand carved. Then when I receive them, I go through every single wand to check the quality of each stone—I want to make sure that each wand is absolutely high quality. I bless the crystals, sending them love in various forms, even playing music that radiates the frequency of love to them. Each wand is also charged under the full moon of each month to amplify their healing powers. As for the shape of them, since they are hand carved they vary slightly. I’m working currently on forming new shapes and sizes, and I’m so excited to introduce those soon!

PT: I understand that there is a relationship formed between crystals and their owner. Can you elaborate on this in relation to your product?

SK: Yes! Connecting with your crystal is so important. You can do this by holding it, sending it loving thoughts, and meditating with it. So many people sleep with their NYMPH NYC wand under their pillow before using it. A lot of people have sent me photos of themselves bonding with their wands. This gives you time to set your intentions with your crystal wand—to tell it what you would like it to do for you, how you would like it to help you heal. This is the major difference between any sex toy and a NYMPH NYC crystal sex toy. You actually bond with it, ask it for help, and make your sexual practice very intentional, personal, and sacred.

I believe that feminine sexuality is so strong and beautiful—and also so horribly oppressed now and throughout history.
— Shannon Kissane

PT: The word sacred is used in a lot of your advertising in relation to the crystal sex toys. Why? What is so sacred about them or female sexuality? Same questions for the term healing?

SK: Anything can be sacred if you make it sacred. For me, the whole history of crystals being held sacred means a lot when you make turn it into a modern day sex toy. There is a totally different sexual energy when using NYMPH NYC crystal wands compared to plastic or other synthetic sex toys. These are natural, they are from the earth. They have been used for thousands of years for healing. And when you cherish them and spend time with the wand, it can become a sacred practice entirely. It can become a healing practice. And I believe that feminine sexuality is so strong and beautiful—and also so horribly oppressed now and throughout history. Missionary position even seems very oppressing and unnatural—being pinned down by a man, unable to move freely. I want women to discover how important their sexuality is, and I believe that by using our crystal wands in a sacred way, you can get closer to yourself.

PT: Are they only for women? Who’s the target audience?

SK: Our sacred sex toys are for everyone! Starting out, I really targeted women. But I saw a large population of men asking me questions about my products, and changed my approach—I didn’t want anyone to feel unaccepted or as if they weren’t “allowed” to use NYMPH NYC’s products!

PT: Do you have any general advice for spiritual healing?

SK: Wow, there are a multitude of ways to bring about some serious spiritually-related healing and awakening. Of course, crystals are a sure way to raise your vibration/frequency to then be able to start living in a higher state of consciousness. Meditation is really where it is at when it comes to spirituality though. There is a reason why every spiritual leader tells people to meditate who want to get close to their higher power.

Pink is the color of love.
— Shannon Kissane

PT: Does Pink have anything to do with it? What’s your personal relationship with the color pink?

SK: Pink is the color of love. I’ve been very attracted to pink tones lately, even surrounding my work space with loads of rose quartz that I once paid no attention to. The more I open my heart, the more drawn I feel to this loving shade. It reminds me of rose petals and Aphrodite and all things feminine, and I’m proud to be a woman.

PT: Tell me more about the blog aspect of Nymph NYC! The interviews with the women! How do you find them? What makes them special to Nymph NYC?

SK: So this is something I just started! Since diving into a totally different realm of social media that I had no idea existed, I have been quickly befriended by many women online. The deeper I looked, the more women I found who were doing such amazing things and who were inspiring me to continue being real. I found women who cheered for my success instead of bashing it, because they, too, owned small (and super large and successful) businesses.

I wanted to show more of the world these women who inspired me. It came from my own craving to know how their minds worked, where their creativity came from, how I could improve myself from their stories. I already had a long line of beautiful women to interview—many of them very well-known and many of them who will be well-known. I go through Instagram accounts avidly, always searching. This is how I find my inspiration—and the women I interview.

The deeper I looked, the more women I found who were doing such amazing things and who were inspiring me to continue being real.
— Shannon Kissane

PT: What’s next for Nymph NYC? For you specifically?

SK: Growing, morphing, expanding. Right now I’m working on finding products from other small businesses that would work synergistically with our crystal sex toy products. I’m super excited to introduce these products centered around self-love! I’m also working on a few new products that will be released soon—look out for them!


You can purchase your own crystal wand at and follow NYMPH NYC on Instagram @nymphnyc.

This interview was conducted via email and has been condensed and edited.

 All images courtesy of NYMPH NYC.